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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Students on Ice set to leave

Dear friends,

As sure as the Arctic Tern’s annual flight from Antarctica to the Arctic each year, Students on Ice are getting ready for another Youth Expedition to the Canadian North! We hope you will share this upcoming journey with us via We will be updating the site each day with student journals, videoclips, photos, scientific updates and more beginning August 2nd. With more alarming news from the Arctic this week, such as another large chuck of the Ward Hunt Iceshelf breaking away, it is more urgent than ever that we show the youth of the world what is happening in the Polar Regions due to Climate Change and inspire them to take action! Protect the Poles – Protect the Planet is the mantra for Students on Ice this year… help spread the Word! And here are some of the highlights of our upcoming journey:

- International Polar Year / Students on Ice Arctic Expedition August 2 – 17, 2008

- We are dedicating the expedition to our great and recently departed friend Dr. Fritz Koerner!

- Our expedition is endorsed by IPY Canada and IPY International and represents one of the largest IPY education events in the world.

- 20 northern Canadian students from the Yukon to Labrador generously funded by Canada’s IPY Federal Program and other northern partners will join our team.

- Canadian students from 10 provinces and territories

- 65 Students in total from 10 different countries, including Afghanistan, Norway, United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Monaco, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

- 70% of the participating students have been fully sponsored thanks to the generous support of many people and organizations all listed at

- Twenty international polar scientists, educators, artists and northern leaders, including the Hon. Ann Hanson, Commissioner of Nunavut, will lead lectures, workshops and hands-on activities.

- Topics studied during the expedition will include marine biology, earth sciences, history, sustainable development, culture, Arctic sovereignty, and environmental issues.

- Students will participate in numerous ‘hands-on’ activities – including an exciting ocean current experiment with the Institute of Ocean Sciences

- Everyday students will be involved in something new – visits to Inuit communities, participation in community feasts and meetings with elders and Inuit youth, zodiac cruises through pack ice and along huge bird cliffs, spotting for whales, polar bears and seals, visits to ancient Inuit historic sites, searching for evidence of climate change in the Arctic, etc.

- The main expedition goals are to inspire these future leaders, create polar ambassadors and environmental stewards, connect the youth to the Natural World, and make issues like Climate Change real and personal.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! We will say hi to the Polar Bears for you…

In the expedition spirit,



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