International Polar Year, or IPY (2007-2009) is by far the most exciting international scientific and educational opportunity of this century. For the next two years, all eyes will be focused on the physical, social and human dimensions of our planet's polar regions. Watch this blog for news related to Canadian outreach and education efforts related to IPY. Of particular interest to educators! Note: This blog is created independently of any official IPY organization

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Next International Polar Day, March 12 focusing on Changing Earth,

Notice from Rhian Salmon, International IPY Outreach Coordinator ____ Dear Colleagues, The next International Polar Day, MARCH 12. focusing on our Changing Earth, is in two weeks. We have prepared a number of webpages, resources, and links to relevant IPY science. These can all be accessed from the link on (top right), or directly at There are also three aspects of particular interest that I hope you can inform your networks about: 1. EDUCATIONAL FLYERS Flyers can be downloaded from the educators page at Information flyers about the science being discussed are available in 9 languages: English, Russian, Portugese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Inuktitut, and Arabic. Educational flyers encouraging participation in the Day and suggesting a simple classroom activity are available in 19 languages: Russian, Polish, Spanish, Afrikaans, Malay, German, Swedish, Danish, English, Dutch, Portugese, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Chinese, Inuktitut, Japanese, Arabic, and Italian. Please download and distribute the appropriate flyer across your networks. Alternatively, I am happy to send you the relevant flyer for your language (I have NOT attached to this mail as they are 1MB each). Many thanks to the many volunteers who helped make these translations. 2. LAUNCH A VIRTUAL BALLOON We encourage everyone, whether IPY participant, journalist, teacher, student, or other enthusiast, to launch a balloon and show your IPY participation. This is one of the few global IPY initiatives that provides feedback about which areas we are accessing, and so helps us develop our future programmes. The page is already active so have a try now,- and ask students to launch a balloon after learning something about the polar regions. Simple instructions, and the interactive map, can be found at Incase of technical difficulties, you can alternatively email with details of name, location (lat, lon or town, country), and IPY message. There might, however, be a delay of up to 48 hours before this balloon is launched. Please also consider acting as a local contact for your area and either launching the balloons yourself, or forwarding these details to the above address. 3. LIVE EVENTS Four live events will be occurring to celebrate this Day. Full details of these activities, and how to join, can be found at First Event: World Ocean Observatory Technology required: internet and computer with sound Time: March 12, 2008 @ 01.00.00 UTC Second Event: ARCUS PolarTrec Live From IPY Technology required: phone (minimum) and internet (optional) Time: March 12, 2008 between 18.00 - 20.00 UTC Third Event; IGLO/NASA videoconferencing I Technology required: turn up to one of the local science centres in Mexico, Beijing, & Melbourne, or watch the webcast. Time: midnight UTC (night of March 12th, morning March 13th) Fourth Event; IGLO/NASA videoconferencing II Technology required: turn up to one of the local science centres in Chicago, Cardiff, Lisbon, Egypt, and Cape Town, or watch the webcast. Time: 13.00 UTC March 13th We hope you, and your networks, will enjoy the day and Get Involved! Please contact me if you have any questions best wishes, Rhian and the IPY Education and Outreach Team ________________________________ Dr Rhian A Salmon IPY Education and Outreach Coordinator +44 (0) 7711181509 AIM / skype: rhiansalmon

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