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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polar Weeks

As the IPY research program moves toward analysis and results and as

IPY participants plan for a large international conference in Oslo in

June 2010, the IPO plans two Polar Weeks, in October 2009 and March

2010, with the theme: What Happens at the Poles Affects Us All.

These Polar Weeks have four goals:

To expand the IPY global networks of motivated and enthused educators;

To raise the visibility of polar issues and polar organizations;

To enhance the development of polar science educational materials; and

To develop long-term education and outreach partnerships for polar


In October (October 5th through 9th) the IPY Polar Week will focus on

recruiting new individual and institutional partners, will stimulate

increased engagement by polar partners, and will highlight classroom

activities developed for the new IPY Polar Resource Book. In March

2010 the Polar Week will focus on local community-building activities,

will connect new and existing partners in science outreach, and will

stimulate global enthusiasm for June on-line and on-site events. Both

polar weeks will feature fresh accessible science, live web events,

fun classroom activities, virtual balloon launches and spontaneous

global inter-connections - activities that have made IPY Polar Days

effective and enjoyable.

For more information please visit the IPY website at:

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