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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polar Oceans Days, March 17-26

Dear Colleague,

Throughout the week of March 17th - 26th, the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-8 will be celebrating its eighth polar day, this time focussing on 'Polar Oceans'. This includes physical oceanography and marine biodiversity.

These Days are designed as a way for the general public, teachers, and their classes to learn more about the Polar Regions and connect directly to polar researchers through simple, fun, and accessible activities.

We also encourage students to launch a virtual weather balloon once completing the activity: it's great fun watching balloons go up as classrooms around the world get involved.

The new “Polar Oceans” pages can be found via the Educators section of, or directly at

This includes:

- a food web activity ('What's for Lunch?') for students around the world, and summary flyers, (soon to be available in many languages - English versions attached)

- other hands-on educational activities that look at Deep Ocean Circulation, Ocean Surface currents and Ocean warming

- Local and Global Live Events: Talk to the Arctic and Antarctic!

Events are occurring around the world from March 17th - 26th. Participate in a local event near you, or join one of the 'worldwide' events via the internet. These are a great way to connect to students directly to researchers in the Polar Regions. More details can be found at

- personal profiles, photos, and contact details for a wide range of scientists involved in research related to “Polar Oceans” in both the Arctic and Antarctic

- “launch a virtual weather balloon”: a great way for everyone to participate

- “Polar Oceans” background information, resources and educational activities endorsed by the scientific community

…and much more!

Previous Polar Days explored the Polar Regions by considering Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, our Changing Earth, Polar Land and Life, People and research on 'Above the Poles'. Associated activities and information for these can also be found at:

We hope you will circulate this around your networks and Get Involved in IPY! To stay connected to IPY activities, please join the IPY Teachers googlegroup at:

Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas for this Polar Day

See you then!!!

Nicola and Rhian


Dr Rhian A Salmon

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Nicola Munro

Education Liaison

IPY International Programme Office

International Polar Year:

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