International Polar Year, or IPY (2007-2009) is by far the most exciting international scientific and educational opportunity of this century. For the next two years, all eyes will be focused on the physical, social and human dimensions of our planet's polar regions. Watch this blog for news related to Canadian outreach and education efforts related to IPY. Of particular interest to educators! Note: This blog is created independently of any official IPY organization

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Polar Venture

Polar Venture: In March 2008, a team of two attempted to ski 200km across the Penny ice cap, unaided and with temperatures reaching as low as -60°C whilst inspiring young people into exploration and climate change through education. The expedition has successfully returned. See expedition links below: Expedition Blog Expedition Photographs MAP: Large map of entire planned route MAP: Detailed map of covered section SPONSOR US"

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