International Polar Year, or IPY (2007-2009) is by far the most exciting international scientific and educational opportunity of this century. For the next two years, all eyes will be focused on the physical, social and human dimensions of our planet's polar regions. Watch this blog for news related to Canadian outreach and education efforts related to IPY. Of particular interest to educators! Note: This blog is created independently of any official IPY organization

Friday, March 14, 2008

Beyond Penguins Magazine and Blog

From the Beyond Penguins organization: I'd like to announce a new, free online magazine for educators called Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears! While our primary audience is elementary (grades K-5 in the U.S.) educators, there is content that is of interest others as well. Our first issue of the magazine is live and can be explored at From this homepage, click on "Issue One" to begin exploring. Our magazine includes 5 departments with a wide variety of content. Here are a few highlights from the March issue: Read about a researcher who used remote sensing to create some of the most accurate images of Antarctica Learn about the Arctic and Antarctica and the differences between them Read about the research-based strategy of identifying similarities and differences Find lesson plans and activities to teach these concepts to your students Read about common misconceptions held about polar geography Find children's literature titles to use in your classroom Read poetry written by students in Anchorage, AK Print expository (informational) books for your students to read We also have a blog ( that provides a great deal of current news, professional opportunities, and lessons and activities. The blog is also a place for you to share comments and ideas about the magazine. Please check out the issue, and pass the information to your colleagues if you feel moved to do so. Our second issue, about fossils and the geologic history of the polar regions, will be available on April 1. You can contact me at this email or at my work: fries-gaither. I welcome questions and comments! Thank you! Jessica Fries-Gaither --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~

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