International Polar Year, or IPY (2007-2009) is by far the most exciting international scientific and educational opportunity of this century. For the next two years, all eyes will be focused on the physical, social and human dimensions of our planet's polar regions. Watch this blog for news related to Canadian outreach and education efforts related to IPY. Of particular interest to educators! Note: This blog is created independently of any official IPY organization

Monday, September 24, 2007

IPY sites courtesy National IPY Chair

A couple of useful source of potential stories and information are the various electronic newsletters being released by the various research programs. Two I enjoy and track regularly are the European Damocles project ( the name itself should catch your interest ) and the Canadian Arctic Net . The lead story from Damocles is about the sailing vessel TARA that has been frozen in and serving as a “drift bouy” for a year now. From the Tara site you can get regular updates and you could probably email the crew of scientists and maybe even set up an interview. Originally I thought Tara might drift east from north of Siberia and enter or come close to the western Canadian Arctic but from the latest plot of their drift course available on its web site it looks like it won’t come close instead having trended towards the pole and northern Greenland It easy to subscribe to both from their web sites. Ian R. Church Chair, Canadian IPY National Committee,

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